-5 % Peak Design Cuff (New) CF-XX-3
Total peace of mind in a tiny, low-profile package. The all-new Cuff is the most elegant, unobtrusive way to protect your camera from accidental drops. Quickly and securely connects to any camera, binoculars, or other device using our unique Anchor Link system. Wrist loop magnetically locks in the open position, or comfortably cinches down on your wrist for added security. New all-custom aluminum hardware. When not in use, Cuff stores as a bracelet for quick accessibility.


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Peak Design Cuff Version 3

  • 品牌: Peak Design
  • 商品代码: CF-XX-3
  • SKU: CF-XX-3
  • UPC:
  • 库存状态: 有存货
  • HK$329.0
  • HK$313.0


标签: camera accessories

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