-55 % Hamptons Wok 28cm WK28

5 layer coating/ Diamond coating

Diamond coating has excellent abrasion resistance without being stripped. Diamond coating is a safe and environmentally friendly material unlike mercury, lead and other heavy metals.

  • Top coating - non-stick layer
  • Diamond coating - anti-scratch / wear-resistant layer
  • Hand mid coating - high hardness of the coating
  • Mid coating - pasted steel layer
  • Primer coating - anti-corrosion / impact-resistant layer

Induction range availiable

Induction on the bottom is spray-coated outside. The product is high quality that can be used in the oven (all electric heater can be used including induction cooker)。

Ergonomic grip

The ergonomically designed handle is comfortable luxuries products during cooking.

Stylish two-tone color

Stylish design of the two-tone color brightens a cloudy kitchen and brings luxurious colors to the kitchen.

Durable, luxurious and excellent thermal conductivity

Durable diamond coating, with energy savings feature and excellent thermal conductivity, cook your food faster.


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Hamptons Wok 28cm

  • 品牌: Hamptons
  • 商品代码: WK28
  • SKU: WK28
  • UPC:
  • 库存状态: 有存货
  • HK$709.0
  • HK$319.0

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