ClO2 disinfection tablets CLO2-TABLET

ClO2 disinfection tablets

A good choice for Anti-epidemic

Are you still using toxic bleach for disinfection?

If there are pregnant women, baby or small animal in your family, you must be careful of using bleach for disinfection!

A sterile tablet instead of alcohol

Just use one tablet with 1000ml of water to make disinfection water, divide into several bottles to share with family members. You can put one bottle near the main entrance to spray hands, shoes and clothes for disinfection before enter the house/apartment.
This kind of disinfection tablet can sterilize 99.9%. It can be sprayed on the face, sprayed on body, sprayed on clothes, and cleaned at home.
Household disinfectant is recommended. It can be used for for babies, pregnant women, cats, and dogs without harm.
This Clo2 Tablets has been used by 24 hospitals in Taiwan
Taiwan's Department of Health recommends necessary products for epidemic prevention

Main ingredients of ClO2 disinfection tablets:

  • Chlorine dioxide

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have confirmed that they are medical and sanitary. Food processing is not harmful to the environment, babies and small animals. They can be exposed to the sun safely. Non-toxic, no harm to the environment

How to use:

For air purifiering a 200 square feet room, you can put a "sterilized ingot" into 1 liter of water, then wait for 5 minutes. After the "sterilized ingot" melts in the water, the water turns yellow, and the "sterilized ingot" starts to gasify and disinfect the room. One liter of disinfected water can be used for 7 days

Good way to quickly disinfect items:

Put a "sterilized ingot" into 1 liter of water and wait for 5 minutes. After the "sterilized ingot" melts in the water, the water turns yellow. Pour the water into a watering can and spray it on the objects that need to be disinfected. Achieve disinfection and sterilization effect

Daily Usage:

  1. Remove cigarette smell
  2. Remove Strong smell of cigar
  3. Remove various body odors
  4. Remove strong odor from toilets and stench environments
  5. Remove kitchen odor, tableware bacteria and any kitchen waste odor
  6. Deodorizing and sterilization in car to improve air quality
  7. Eliminate sensitive skim from bacteria infections
  8. Disinfection of wound
  9. Eliminate inflammation of the throat and mouth
  10. Elimination of cold bacteria
  11. Sterilization and deodorization of pet hair and skin
  12. Safe sterilization of pet food
  13. Recover your room or working area to aseptic space
  14. Public Place Safe Sterilization
  15. Remove formaldehyde
  • CLO2 Tablet x 5

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ClO2 disinfection tablets

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