Toamit - Virus Shut Out antibacterial disinfection and virus removal bag VIRUS-SHUT-OUT

VIRUS SHUT OUT antibacterial disinfection and virus removal bag

Protect you from epidemic virus and hay fever

Effectively block virus, micro-suspended particles, pollen, dust and other virus germs. In addition to wearing a mask and washing your hands frequently, pay attention to personal hygiene. You can try only Japan ’s Virus Shut Out air sterilization protective film.


  • Suitable for everyone, especially suitable for patients with low immunity/children/pregnant women/elderly people/long-term hospitals with a lot of bacteria in the same clinic can remove planktonic odors, like smoke and sweat odor>
  • Usage: Hanging on the neck/placed on the chest pocket, one pack is effective for 1 month
  • Imported from Japan. Unopened 12 months shelf life. Please use immediately after opening to ensure high quality.
  • Using sodium chlorite, the main component of environmental disinfection water, has strong ability to inhibit viruses and bacteria in water
  • Experimentally proven to effectively block particles and bacteria in the air, and various epidemic viruses
  • Sodium chlorite has strong oxidizing power and achieves antibacterial or antibacterial effect in a short time
  • Bacteriostatic effect is not affected by water pH
  • It can help to eliminate planktonic bacteria, influenza and other viruses, and reduce the chance of being infected by others or others
  • Suitable for all people, especially suitable for sick patients/immunities/children/pregnant women/elderly people/long-term hospitals with the most bacteria
  • It can remove planktonic odors, like smoke and sweat odor
  • Usage: hanging neck/placed on chest pocket
  • One pack is valid for 1 month
  • Japanese original entrance
  • Unopened 12 months shelf life
  • Please use it immediately after opening to ensure high quality effect
  • Main ingredients:Chlorine dioxide (sodium chlorite, natural zeolite)
  • Body size (approx.):W55xH80xD5mm
  • Attachment content:body x1, neckband x1
  • Expiry date:It will be invalid after about 30 days after opening the cover, no refill is required.
  • Made in Japan

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Toamit - Virus Shut Out antibacterial disinfection and virus removal bag

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