-20 % Aspectic Space 9999 Ozone Air Purifier ORA-S02

Aspectic Space 9999 Super oxygen meter

Aspectic Space Ozone Generator

Ozone Air Purifier

Air Sterilizing & Freshening System

Ozone Generator Air Purifier

The wall-mounted active oxygen generator can purify the odor in the air, neutralize various harmful gases such as formaldehyde, toluene, carbon monoxide, oil fume, etc., and convert it into clean oxygen, water, and carbon dioxide. It will cause secondary pollution to the outdoor space. In addition to purifying the air, it can kill bacteria and viruses, and it can also prevent mold and insects. The wall-mounted oxygen generator fundamentally prevents mildew by killing mold. You can also drive cockroaches and mosquitoes to keep your home fresh and livable.

Product specifications:

  1. Product name:Wall-mounted active oxygen generator
  2. Rated power:9W
  3. Product size:85.8 * 150.71 * 41.5mm
  4. Standard power supply:Power adapter DC 12V / 1.2A
  5. Product technology:injection molding + printing
  6. Product material:ABS
  7. Product accessories:1 remote control, 1 power adapter, 10 filter cotton, 1 iron hook

Precautions for product use

  1. Change filter cotton regularly to ensure efficient machine operation.
  2. The machine is placed above the fan or air conditioner outlet for better use.
  3. 50mg / h of high-grade active oxygen is suitable for 30 ~ 50m³, 30mg / h of medium-grade active oxygen is suitable for 15 ~<30m³, low-grade active oxygen is 30m³, 15mg / h is suitable for 15m³ or less. When the high-grade position is used in a small area, please do not let people clean the room. After disinfection, pay attention to ventilation and ventilation.

Electrical characteristics:

  1. Input voltage:12V / 1A;
  2. Fan Fan:DC12V / 250mA 6000RPM;
  3. Rated power:9W
  4. Product size:85.8 * 150.71 * 41.5mm
  5. Infrared remote control
  6. The concentration of active oxygen produced by working in a space of 30m³ for 1 hour:
    • High-end mode:about 0.75PPM / 30m³
    • Mid-range mode:0.5PPM / 30m³ or so
    • Low-end mode:0.3PPM / 30m³ or so
  7. Gear indicator:Red / green bicolor light
    • High-grade mode:The default is high-grade at startup, and the indicator light is red;
    • Mid-range mode:The indicator light is orange;
    • Low-level mode:The indicator light is green;
    • Timer function:Optional shutdown time for 2, 4, 6, 8 hours;

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Aspectic Space 9999 Ozone Air Purifier

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