-42 % Out Of Stock Japan Arnest Natural Dust Mite Spray (Ginseng Extract) A76843

Japan's natural dust mite spray (ginseng essence)

Product introduction

  • 100% natural plant extracts are absolutely safe for people, children and pets.
  • It can be sprayed on hair dolls, curtains, beds, sofas, pillows and other places. With each use, the effect can be maintained for more than one month.


    • Manufacture of all natural plant ingredients
    • Remove dust mites on plush toys, sofas, carpets and curtains
    • Inhibition of dust mite egg hatching
    • Easy to use

      Country of origin ﹕ Japan

      How to use

      1. 3 ~ 4 sprays per square foot, effective for one month
      2. After spraying, let the cloth surface dry completely
      3. Use once a month

        Notices ﹕
        Not suitable for use on wooden floors, tiles, leather, metals, plastics, plastic products and electrical products

  • Arnest Natural Dust Mite Spray x 1 piece

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Japan Arnest Natural Dust Mite Spray (Ginseng Extract)

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