New -10 % Pre-Order 2-3 Days Prologic Robotics H600 Laser Smart Vacuuming Robot H600

Prologic Robotics H600 Laser Smart Vacuuming Robot

H600 Laser Intelligent Vacuum Robot

H600A+H600 Laser Intelligent Vacuum Robot and Automatic Dust Collector and Charging Stand

Product Description:

  • Dimensions: 330×330×100mm ; Net Weight: 3.1kg
  • Laser and gyroscope navigation, accurate construction of the whole house map
  • Smart cleaning mode, which can plan cleaning, zone cleaning, and designated area cleaning
  • Equipped with UV sterilization function, the sterilization rate is as high as 99.8%
  • APP operation, remote control, tuning function and monitoring
  • NIDEC Japanese brushless motor - super suction, long life
  • Clean regularly, save time and feel more at ease
  • The dust box and water tank are easily interchangeable, convenient and efficient
  • With the function of virtual wall and forbidden area, it is convenient and practical
  • Equipped with an electronically controlled water tank and a rag assembly, vacuuming first, then mopping the floor, the floor will be restored to a clean and beautiful appearance
  • Equipped with high-efficiency accessories: bilateral brush, dust box 600ml, electric water tank, remote control
  • Can be used with H600A automatic dust collector and charging stand
  • Equipped with an automatic dust-collecting charging stand, which can automatically suck the dust in the H600 into the dust bag of the charging stand, reducing the number of cleanings and the suction power will not decrease

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Prologic Robotics H600 Laser Smart Vacuuming Robot

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