-38 % Out Of Stock UYEKI DaniClin Anti-Mite Anti-Baterial Spray (Flower Scent) 250ml


  • Japan Allergy Association Recommended (certification number: T810404A)
  • Can repel and inhibit dust mites growth
  • Reducing eczema, allergies, bronchitis, asthma and other symptoms caused by dust mites
  • Add antibacterial ingredients to fight dust mites while killing them
  • Add a fresh floral scent, leaving the object slightly scent after use
  • No insecticide, safe in nature, non-irritating, harmless to the human body
  • Can be used by children and pet families

Country of Origin: Japan

How to use:

  • Clean the surface of the object first and use it in a ventilated environment
  • Spray the required items (about 5-6 sprays per square meter) at a distance of 30cm
  • The objects are naturally dry and the effect can be maintained for one month.


Not applicable to wax processing, lacquer coating, painted products (wood flooring, furniture, etc.), plastic products (toys, electrical products), leather products (skin-skinning), metals, rubber products

  • UYEKI DaniClin Anti-Mite Anti-Baterial Spray (Flower Smell) 250ml x 1

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UYEKI DaniClin Anti-Mite Anti-Baterial Spray (Flower Scent) 250ml

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